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Our experienced specialists handle the tasks below for you.

Hearing Meeting Revising your Job Description
Creating a "Screening Sheet" Generating "Feature Company Page"
Input & Post Job Advertising Setting "Text Ads"
Setting "Feature Job" Updating Job Advertising
Resume Searching & Bookmarking Sending Scout Emails
Setting "Resume Agents" Collecting Candidates' Original Resumes
Language skill check by Phone Screening  

* Initial Job Description needs to be prepared by Client.
* You will have access to Control Panel.
* You can also send Scout Mails by yourself.

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Revised Job description

Scout mails

We create unique scout mail content for each position and customize the scout mail text to suit individual candidates.

Time saving


High exposure

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Managed Package Flow

How does it work?

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Success Story 1 : System Development Engineer

Client Sapiens Japan (Foreign IT company)
Headcount 1
Theme Hiring a bilingual system engineer who can communicate effectively with the head office in Israel.
Advertisement 17 applicants (Contacted 2 of them)
Scout emails 91 sent, 8 replies (9% reply ratio)
Introduced resumes 4 Offers 2
Interviews 3 Offers accepted 1
Success Point The consultant understood this company well, for example the business, product, competitive points and so on. MP team focused exclusively on the client’s targeted candidates and could find the perfect candidate who matched up with the technical skill, language and personality preferences.
Message from HR The consultant gathered detailed information about our business, history, target candidate, future prospect etc. Based on those points, an attractive job advertisement was created for candidates to consider. In addition to the advertisement, the consultant scouted a large number of CareerCross users in their database. The detailed activity was visualized and delivered in Report formant once every 2 weeks and it provided me with a secure feeling. This MP service takes the good parts of success-based recruiting services and job boards and combines them skillfully.

Success Story 2 : Finance Controller

Client REC Solar Japan (Foreign Solar Panel Company)
Headcount 1
Theme Hiring for someone who will become a future board member and can contribute to the business expansion.
Advertisement 43 applicants (Contacted 13 of them)
Scout emails 2 sent, 2 replies (100% reply ratio)
Introduced resumes 9 Offers 1
Interviews 5 Offers accepted 1
Success Point Put the business strategy, future prospects and CEO’s thoughts into the job advertisement and scout mail template. The candidates could understand the company well before any interviews and were motivated to apply.
Message from HR Thank you for your support up to now. When I first saw our Company PR page, I thought we made the right decision in choosing CareerCross. On that page I was happy to see a well-designed branding header, with content and photos that were prepared according to our specifications. I strongly believe this fantastic Company PR page helped bring in many applications.

Success Story 3 : Bilingual Admin Staff

Client Major Japanese University
Headcount Multiple
Theme Hiring people with high level communication skills in both English and Japanese to establish a new department.
Advertisement 88 applicants (Contacted 33 of them)
Scout emails 108 sent, 19 replies (18% reply ratio)
Introduced resumes 29 Offers 6
Interviews 18 Offers accepted 6
Success Point One MP team member is a native English speaker who checks selected candidates English communication skills. 29 people were selected from over 100 candidates.

Success Story 4 : Thai Associate Consultant

Client System consulting firm
Headcount Multiple
Theme Hiring high potential young Thai people who aim to be an IT consultant with expanding business in Thailand.
Advertisement 39 applicants (Contacted 5 of them)
Scout emails 22 sent, 12 replies (55% reply ratio)
Introduced resumes 15 Offers 2
Interviews 4 Offers accepted 2
Success Point The reply ratio of scout emails was pretty high. MP team could find many good high potential Thai people in the CareerCross database. MP team also did Japanese communication check on the phone.
Message from HR In a short period, I could hire 2 people who have very high potential and work hard. Please support us next time when we expand business into another country.

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