Rhino Digital合同会社 - 注目企業記事

About Rhino Digital

We assist Japanese direct to consumer E-commerce companies in reaching new markets in Thailand and in the USA. We have native English, Japanese, and Thai speakers with years of experience in digital marketing, business, branding, and E-commerce. We’ve successfully introduced a variety of Japanese-based products internationally and are happy to be assisting Japan’s economy by improving sales for Japanese companies. 

Message from CEO

Hi! My name is Michael Maddox, I grew up near Houston, Texas, USA. I have been an entrepreneur since I was six years old, when I started a small car washing service.  Through decades of trying, failing, and persevering, I’m now blessed with a collection of E-commerce companies that sell to customers all over the world. 

For hobbies, I enjoy art, reading, aquariums, ocean life, gaming, and rock climbing.  I was former national level at rock climbing in America and have been climbing for over 20 years. 

I’m thankful to have been able to live in a variety of countries, and I now call Japan and Thailand home.  I love Japan, it’s my favorite country, and I’ve been living here for two years.  Osaka is my favorite city in Japan! I love Japanese culture, food, language, art, and gardens.  

I’m American, so I’m more relaxed and casual than the typical Japanese working environment, but I do expect a high level of problem-solving ability and attention to detail.