Excis Japan Godo Kaisha - 注目企業記事

About Excis

We are a global IT services company and excel in cross-border IT services, such as 24x7 IT support, IMAC with particular expertise in Telepresence deployments, international network router/switch configuration, installation and EUS services. We have built up a worldwide network of over 6000 engineers who provide a seamless installation and maintenance solution which aligns with the international requirements of our clients. Our network continues to grow through our many entities worldwide and our ever- expanding footprint across the globe.

We believe that the success of the organization can be gauged from how happy their employees are. Our HR policies are formulated with an aim to motivate and support staff in all areas of their personal and professional growth. We ensure a good work-life balance and have introduced initiatives for knowledge transfer and flexible hours across the globe. Our employees can build exciting careers, with the host of opportunities we provide, to interact and collaborate with both, clients and other employees on a global scale.

Please visit www.excis.com for more information.