iLUKA Japan - 注目企業記事

iLUKA is a specialised event agency, providing strategies, planning and operational fulfilment for sponsors and other stakeholders at global events.

iLUKA is the only turn key agency in the global events sector that provides a 360 degree platform from strategic development through to operational delivery extending across the following services.

The iLUKA team has been putting sponsors, broadcasters and other stakeholders at the heart of the world’s greatest sporting events for more than 20 years.  Established in 1992, iLUKA has in this time worked with many of the world’s leading brands as they activate their rights of sponsorship.  Services include Strategic Consulting, Hospitality Programme Management, Venue Design and Overlay, Games time Readiness planning, Brand Showcasing, Merchandise and Outfitting.

With a unique understanding of the special balance between strategic ambition, the local culture and operational viability at major sporting events, the iLUKA team supports clients in ensuring that programmes deliver genuine business value, a unique brand experience and responsible operational delivery on time and on budget.