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About STH

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Set up as a Joint Venture between JTB Corporation and Sports Travel & Hospitality Group, STH Japan is a business that designs, promotes and operates premium spectator experiences at major sports events in Japan. STH Japan is currently the exclusive, global hospitality provider for Rugby World Cup 2019, the first Rugby World Cup in Asia.

Sports Hospitality is a new spectator experience in Japan but is very well-established in Europe and North America. Hospitality consists of fine meals, celebrity guest speakers and entertainment and includes the best available match tickets. Hospitality is a unique and prestigious way to experience major sporting events and is used extensively by businesses in the West to build relationships with important clients and colleagues.

Previously, STH Group has operated the global hospitality programme for notable sporting events including; IAAF World Championships 2017, UCI Track Cycling World Championships, London 2012 Olympic Games and Rugby World Cup 2007, 2011 and 2015.


Our services are designed to ensure your event achieves and exceeds its business goals by delivering a world class spectator experience at the very heart of the action.


STH Japan will combine the large-scale sporting event experience, commercial rights, and networks cultivated by STH Group, empowered by the corporate strength of JTB Group, including its planning capabilities and business-related skills and resources, to establish and actively develop the sports hospitality business in Japan and across Asia.


We provide unique guest experiences by combining traditional western hospitality with Japanese omotenashi. We believe in delivering our services to the highest standard so that our guests create unforgettable memories.


Japan will be at the centre of the rugby world in 2019.
Hosting a major event is often accompanied by a feeling of local pride and a feel good factor.
There are social benefits as a result of national unity and assisting social inclusion:

  • Legacy improvements to infrastructure across the nation 
  • 410,000 spectators from overseas 
  • National boost to 12 host cities 
  • TV Media coverage of 800 million households worldwide 
  • Viewing audience across 210 countries