LINE株式会社 - 注目企業記事

Working at LINE

LINE has a large number of foreign employees, with around 20% coming from outside Japan. Countries from around the globe are represented, including Canada, China, France, Korea, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, and more.

LINE is always striving to make create a stress-free working environment for each of our employees, regardless of where they’re from.



Support for Company Life

■ Support for Essential Paperwork
- Support for acquisition and renewal of visas
- Support for residency registration

■ Support for Company Life
- Financial assistance for language courses
- Outside training on business culture
- Emergency bag prepared for every employee. The bag includes an emergency helmet, maps, light blankets, and other necessities essential in the case of an emergency.

★The company also has a variety of clubs where people who share the same interest can gather, such as futsal, rock climbing, golf, photography, board games, movie watching, and more. The company provides funds for the activities of each club, and employees of all nationalities are able to join and communicate by sharing mutual interests.

■ 必須手続きのサポート

■ 会社生活に関わる支援


Outstanding and Unique Benefits

- In-house coffee shop and convenience store for employees
- "Free space" area where you can lie down to rest and relax
- Massage service is also available
- We offer free breakfast and discount coupons for lunch
- We hold many events such as "Bring Your Kid to Work Day".
- You can get Original LINE goods and products
- And more!

  • 社内カフェ・コンビニ併設
  • カフェには横になって休めるコーナーあり。マッサージのサービスも利用できます。
  • 朝食無料
  • 昼食割引あり
  • 子供職場見学会(ご家族の方にも職場の雰囲気を体験していただく機会を設けています)
  • LINEオリジナルグッズ配布 他