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「Every Day Low Price(毎日低価格)」のもと、


"Saving people money so they can live better."、



Seiyu is one of the largest supermarket chains in Japan, established in 1963. In 2002, Walmart acquired a 6.1% stake in Seiyu. In 2005, Walmart acquired a majority interest, making Seiyu a Walmart subsidiary. Walmart proceeded with additional steps to acquire all of the remaining shares, which resulted in the delisting of Seiyu shares from the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2008. Later that year, Seiyu became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walmart. In 2018, Walmart and Rakuten announced a strategic alliance to expand consumer reach and enhance how customers are served in Japan and the U.S. The alliance includes the launch of a new online grocery delivery service in Japan to begin in late 2018. For more information on Rakuten, go here.