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BSN medical株式会社


BSN medical is a global leader in the worldwide healthcare market specializing in Wound Care & related Vascular diseases, Lymphology and non-invasive Orthopaedic products.

Founded in 2001, we are focused on the development of world-class branded products that offer high quality solutions for our caregivers and patients. We currently employ approximately 5,500 members of staff and generated revenues of €762m in 2014.

BSN medical aims to provide an integrated therapy-driven approach – grounded in a broad portfolio of products, enhanced by insights into current therapeutic areas and complemented by a progressive approach to partnerships.

Our well-known brands such as Leukoplast®, Cutimed®, JOBST®, Delta® and Actimove® are among the most trusted in healthcare. With our comprehensive product portfolio and strong technological competencies, BSN medical addresses patients’ needs in the most prevalent conditions in Wound Care & Vascular diseases and Orthopaedic treatments.

Working for BSN medical
We have created a set of People Principles, which are a set of standards and aspirations that provide a foundation for all our people strategies and processes within the business. They also provide us with a benchmark against which we can measure our performance. How these principles are put into practice may vary depending on local circumstances, but the principles themselves remain the same throughout our business. They are outlined below:

People Principles 
As the source of all energy, creativity and achievement, people are the most valuable resource of BSN medical. In support of this belief, the following principles build on our Vision and Values, and guide the way we manage our people.

We aim to:
· make the "Vision and Values" the cornerstone in all people and business interactions
· actively promote open communication at all levels, and ensure that all our employees have the understanding needed to maximize their contribution to the business
· actively encourage all employees to realize their full potential. To improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities, to achieve current and future business objectives
· ensure that each individual has a clear understanding of their role, responsibilities, what is expected of them, and receives constructive feedback
· encourage flexibility and teamwork
· encourage employees to embrace change and support them through the change process
· develop clear relationships between performance and recognition
· provide a safe working environment for all employees and encourage their well-being
· ensuring we comply with relevant legal requirements


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Dr. Guido Oelkers