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Bilingual Jobs in Tokai


CareerCross job applications will be kept in the “Applications” section of your “My Page” for 3 months. You can view your full application, including the resume and cover letter you sent to each employer by clicking the “Application” link.

A company may reply to your application in 2 ways:

Through CareerCross
If a company replies to your application via CareerCross, you will receive an application response in your email inbox and it will also be recorded in your “Applications” page in “My Page”. Response messages are stored for 3 months from the date you applied for the position.

When you have an unread reply to your job application, the “Applications” link in your “My Page” menu will be bold and indicate the number of unread responses. Also, the “My Page” tab in the top menu will change to bold and indicate the number of unread responses. This is similar to how an email application indicates new unread emails in your inbox.

You can read messages by clicking the “response” of each application record.

Directly by email or telephone
When you apply for a job your application is sent to the employer via your email address. This means the employer can respond directly to your application via email, or if you included your telephone number in your application they could call as well. In this case, the application response would not be saved in your “application” section.