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Press Release 2006


Press Release 1 November, 2006

CareerCross, a bilingual web-based recruitment site, and‘Newsweek Japan’jointly present a career seminar.

C.C. Consulting Co. Ltd., managers of CareerCross, a bilingual web-based recruitment resource. (President: Richard Bysouth, TEL: 03-5728-3040), and Newsweek Japan (Hankyu Communications Co. Ltd., president: Kenji Ioi, TEL: 03-5436-5701) invite guest speakers and jointly host ‘A Career Seminar: Three Secret Methods behind Success’.
In the rapid progress of globalization, personnel with an international perspective are in demand by many companies. Such talented personnel are fluid in intensifying the recruitment market; therefore, many people who change their job desire to improve their career.
We will present the career seminar from a different perspective, which is ‘breaking away from typical Japanese thinking’.
Targeted participants are CareerCross users and Newsweek readers, and their qualifications are described below:

  • people working at foreign companies who aim to improve their career.
  • people having careers at Japanese companies who are thinking of changing to a foreign company.
  • people who are interested in international affairs and work globally.

■■ Details of Career Seminar ■■
Main Theme: Improving Your Career: Three Secret Methods behind Success
Targeted Participants: People aiming to improve their careers in a global environment
Day and Time: 2006, November 22nd, Wednesday / Open - 18:30pm, Seminar Starts - 19:00pm
Entrance Fee: 2,500 yen (Register in advance) ,3,500 yen (Register on the day)
Limit Number: 200 people
Location: Tokyo-Womens Plaza (Aoyama)

■■ Program ■■
1: Lecture presentation (Being Successful at a Foreign Company)
●Matsumoto Oki
Monex Inc., President CEO
After working at Salomon Brothers Asia Limited, he joined Goldman Sachs and became the youngest general partner at that time. In 1999, he jointly established Monex, Inc. with Sony. In 2004, Monex Beans Holdings Inc. was established and he became president there.
●Tachibana Fukushima Sakie
Korn/Ferry International Japan, President CEO
She graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Education and taught Japanese there. After getting her MBA from the graduate school of Stanford University, she joined Korn Ferry International Japan, a leading recruitment consulting company in 1991, and also doubled as a member of the board at the companies headquarters in U.S.
2. Panel Discussion (Think outside of the box)
Panel discussion by two guest speakers and a facilitator
●Facilitator: Takeda Keigo, Newsweek Japan, editor in chief.
In 1993, he worked at the editorial department of Newsweek Japan, and in 2001 he became commentator of TV Shows “Toku Dane”


Press Release 4 July, 2006

eBenkyo, a site supporting professionals trying to improve their English skills and obtain global qualifications, upgraded its free English lessons and contents regarding career change.

C.C. Consulting Co. Ltd [CEO: Richard Bysouth, Head Office: 7F Nanpeidai Chiyoda Bld., 1-10 Nanpeidai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Tel: +81 (0)3-5728-3040] renewed ’eBenkyo’ on July 3 by upgrading its contents such as free online English lessons.
In keeping with the growing needs of both jobseekers and clients of the bilingual recruitment Website ’CareerCross’ (, ’eBenkyo’(,was launched last year as a sister site, with the concept of ’connecting English, people and the world’.
It provides practical and useful information for people who desire to improve their language skills and pursue a professional career. Topics include information about international qualifications, ’how-to’ guides on writing cover letters and resumes in English and free online English lessons at different levels.

Guides for career change success in foreign-capitalized companies [外資系転職ガイド]

  • ’How-to’ guides on English cover letter and resume writing, and samples of these.
  • ’How-to’ guides on English interviews and audio files of mock interviews.

Free Online English Lessons 「英語講座」

  • The lessons are categorized into different levels and situations: basic, intermediate, advanced, business and special. They are useful for those who need English skills in real situations.
  • The style of the contents is unique. People can answer questions about English vocabulary by dragging and dropping words on the screen and practice listening with audio files recorded by native English speakers.

Information about global qualifications such as MBA and CPA 「国際ビジネス資格プラザ」

  • Useful information and columns about schools and global qualifications.
  • Links to websites for schools offering global qualifications.

English-related school search functions 「英語学校サーチ」

  • Database of more than 1,000 English language schools searchable by area and specialized courses such as TOEIC preparation or business English.

With the growing trend of globalization in Japan, English skills are becoming essential in most business situations, and people are increasingly required to apply their English skills practically. ’eBenkyo’ provides such English-related information for these people.


Press Release 8 May, 2006

Bilingual recruitment resource website CareerCross’s current advertising campaign to promote "Exploit your English skills for your new career"

Carrying out the advertising campaign at stations and on trains, such as Marunouchi line, centering around the slogan "活かせてこその英語力だ" ("Make your English skills useful").

C.C. Consulting K.K. [CEO:Richard Bysouth, HQ:7F Nanpeidai Chiyoda Bld., 1-10 Nanpeidai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Phone:+81 (0)3-5728-3040] will launch an advertising campaign with the slogan "活かせてこその英語力だ" ("Make your English skills useful"). It aims to grow the recognition of ‘CareerCross’, and ultimately to attain and retain professional bilingual human resources.

This concept, with its advertisement adopting a colorful, positive and appealing design, tries to express the true atmosphere of foreign companies, which is inspiring and unbound from traditional ethos, and in which people bring fully out their abilities and English skills. CareerCross mainly targets bilingual professionals, and also try to appeal to people who have currently no opportunities to utilize their English in their jobs.
Marunouchi line - Akasaka Mitsuke station
Hanzomon line - Aoyama Itchome station
Hibiya line - Kamiyacho station
Hibiya line - Tokyu DenenToshi line - door stickers

According to a survey on employment provided by the Health Labour and Welfare Ministry, the number of job finders including people changing careers in the first half of 2004 was 3,640,000, and it was the first time in 3 years that its number was higher than that of job leavers. Peoples’ attitude towards career change has differed since the bubble economy burst in the late 80s, and their resistance to working for a foreign company has been removed. The number of foreign capitalized companies in Japan has grown from approximately 2,700 to 4,400 over 10 years, and accordingly the number of people pursuing their careers to foreign companies has increased. CareerCross aims to increase the number of registrations from bilingual professionals by means of advertising campaigns.


Press Release 20 February, 2006

CareerCross: Online recruitment service focusing on bilingual professionals was renewed due to increasing recruitment demands.

Employers are categorized according to their hiring type. MY Yahoo RSS Reader made available.

C.C. Consulting K.K. [CEO:Richard Bysouth, HQ:7F Nanpeidai Chiyoda Bld., 1-10 Nanpeidai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Phone: +81 (0)3-5728-3040] renewed its online recruitment resource for bilingual professionals, "CareerCross" (, in accordance with the career change season in March. The number of foreign capitalized companies in Japan has increased from 2,700 to 4,400 in a decade, and it is still growing. Accordingly, the foreign capitalized company market has matured and the number of employees reached approximately 1.02 million in 2004. CareerCross added new functions in order to meet the needs of both jobseekers and employers that continually increase in number. The new functions are as follows;

All employers are categorized and listed into each type (direct hires, recruiters, temp-staff and outsourcing) so that jobseekers are able to search for a company and apply for its jobs quickly and effectively.

My Yahoo RSS reader instantly updates information about job ads everyday.

"Auto Job Search" automatically searches job placements that suit jobseekers’ requirements. It is available if jobseekers save their resumes including their English competency, their desired job and desired location.

In conjunction with the website renewal, we offered a special discount campaign called the "CareerCross Re-launch Special Campaign". The number of monthly users is currently 160,000 and we aim to increase that number to 250,000. Approximately 150 companies are now using our services as clients and we expect the number to increase to 300.

With the growing trend of globalization, C.C.Consulting aims to energize employment activities along with the Japanese economic recovery.


[About C.C. Consulting Co. Ltd.]
C.C. Consulting Co. Ltd. manages ‘CareerCross’, a bilingual web-based recruitment resource, and ‘e-Benkyo’, an English learning and international certification site for working people, and web service for bilinguals.

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