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About Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)

    The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Promotion Corporation is an Independent Administrative Institution established by The Government of Japan in 2005.
    Its aim is to establish a world-class university in science and technology in Okinawa. English will be the language of instruction, and a large segment of the faculty and student population will be international. Currently, 27 Principal Investigators and a total of more than 140 Scientists, students, and research support staff are located in OIST facilities in Uruma and Onna, Okinawa. OIST is presently constructing a new permanent campus in Onna Village, where there will be a major expansion of research support.



    Prepare for the graduate university opening and promote outstanding research and development in science and technology on a global level. This promotion will develop related research and development infrastructure in Okinawa. It aims to contribute to the self-sustaining economical growth of Okinawa and advancement of science and technology.


Key concepts of the campus planning

  • A campus where world-class research and education are conducted
  • A campus that fosters integration and communication
  • A campus in harmony with the environment utilizing cutting-edge technology
  • Global collaboration with universities and research institutes
  • Promoting university-industry collaboration exchanges with local community